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Fine Laser Cut: About Us.

The Fine Laser Cut Job Shop offers a wide array of laser services from the stencils and prototypes stage through production.

Our most valuable and unique ability are the laser cutting and deep engraving of precious metals for jewelry design and manufacture.

The Fine Laser Cut Job Shop is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, the Times Square area in New York City.

High precision laser cutting of a wide variety of metals:
gold, silver (fine, sterling), platinum, palladium,

copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver,

titanium, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and other alloys.

Laser marking and deep laser engraving of metals.

Laser engraving and laser cutting of acrylic, wood, plastic, and much more

151 West 46th Street, New York

We offer our services and technical experience to our customers operating in different manufacturing fields.


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151 West 46th Street Suite 1402 (14th floor) New York NY 10036

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